Bryan Mitchell Takes Line Drive to the Face


Yankee rookie Bryan Mitchell has been quietly making a name for himself lately, but unfortunately for Mitchell, Monday night his name was stamped on the list as the 7th Major League Pitcher to be hit in the head with a line drive since the 2013 season.

Whether it was snagged, deflected or a solid shot off the body, we’ve all experienced a bullet shot back at us while on the bump at least once. We’ve seen padded hats in baseball and have seen a dramatic increase in softball players wearing protective face mask, but is it time to make this equipment mandatory? Personally, I’d say it’s a little extreme to start enforcing rules to protect against freak accidents, but the way these ball players are developing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the near future.

Here’s a good suggestion for the hitters out there, stop shooting the ched down the middle and hanging deuces back at us at non-human speeds.

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