Brock Holt: Necessity for Red Sox

Versatility in Baseball

Brock Holt

The Boston Red Sox have started their preseason fairly well. The Sox have 5 wins and 3 losses so far and have done a good job testing out young potential. When I think of Boston’s young potential, players like Blake Swihart, Xander Bogaerts, Travis Shaw, and Mookie Betts come to mind. Boston is actually loaded with young players this season. One of their most valuable players isĀ Brock Holt.

Brock Holt is not exactly the first player that comes to mind when you think of Boston’s talented team, but he certainly shows why he belongs there. Holt finished the 2015 season with a .280 BA, 127 hits, 2 HR’s, and 45 RBI’s. These aren’t necessarily numbers that make your eyes pop out of your head, but Holt played an extreme numberĀ of games last season, and from all over the diamond.

Holt played 129 games for Boston, which is a ton of games played by a young player like himself. Not only was he out there frequently, but he was rarely ever in the same position. Holt played at his main position (2B) 58 times, outfield 35 times, (3B) 33 times, shortstop 11 times, and 1B 8 times. He’s even hit at DH for a game. This shows how versatile Brock Holt is as a player, and how needed he is for Boston.

Brock is currently playing very well this preseason for the Sox, and is proving himself to be one of the better players on this very talented Boston team. You should expect to hear the name “Brock Holt” often this 2016 season and beyond.