Broadcaster ROASTS Sorority Girls Taking Selfies at Diamondbacks Game

Sorority selfie takers at Diamondbacks game

Diamondbacks TV broadcaster and ex ESPN anchor Steve Berthiaume have a blast absolutely roasting these ASU sorority girls busted¬†incessantly taking selfies during the D’Backs Rockies game.

Congrats girls, you’re famous now. Unfortunately I don’t think your Instagram accounts are tagged in any of these stories, so it’s not really gonna be the kind of fame you search your whole sorority career for, but nevertheless, you made it.

If you want to know why or how people get hit in the head with baseballs at games every week, take a gander at this video. We have people that go to baseball games that probably don’t know the difference between runs and points. And they go to baseball games so they can be on their phones in a stadium seat as opposed to their couch. Or maybe it’s for the hot dog photo-op that blondie got.

Bottom line, as unfortunate as it is, this is the reason every ball park in the bigs needs to be suited with some sort of netting that extends down to at least the dugouts. This is the age we live in, and a teen semi-pro instagrammer is going to die sooner or later.