Brewers’ Brett Phillips Has A Big League Laugh


Brett Phillips may only be a minor leaguer who has never gotten above Double-A and has a career batting average of .290, but with this laugh he definitely deserves at least three at bats in the bigs.

This is probably the best thing that happened to baseball since Michael Jordan. Like I laughed for a good ten minutes at this guy’s face.

Never in my life have I ever experienced a laugh like this. Holy crap, this is gold.  I dare you to watch this without laughing. I mean, look at his face. Look at it! He looks like he may or may not be having a stroke. He looks like he just got stabbed. When he doesn’t sound like he is deprived of air, he sounds like a walrus-pterodactyl mixed with Seinfeld. I’ve never heard of this guy in my life but I would just want to see him in the bigs because of this video.