Barehand play by Brandon Crawford could be Play of the Year

Brandon Crawford Play

In a recent battle between the Giants and Diamondbacks, Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford robbed D-Backs’ Paul Goldschmidt of a base hit on a play that could possibly be the best play of the year thus far.

As you can see, Crawford caught the ball behind his body with his barehand, then proceeded to throw a pill to first base to rob Paul Goldschmidt of a hit. As easy as Crawford made that play look, only a few shortstops in the league could have a chance at making that play.

I’ve always loved watching Brandon Crawford play, and I believe he’s one of the better, if not the best defensive shortstop in all of baseball. With all of the talk focused on American League shortstops, I think Crawford doesn’t receive as much recognition as he should. The National League may not be as strong in shortstops as the AL, but they do have Brandon Crawford, and he’s one hell of a player.