Blue Jays & Yankees Fans Brawl in Crowd


The only people that don’t hate Yankees fans are Yankees fans, right? I know that’s the case in Toronto. No matter what stadium you go to, there’s always a crowd of douche bags wearing Yankees gear. It’s funny to me that they all usually look the same. A bunch of bald white guys with some shitty tattoos and their hats sideways. Tell me I’m wrong. I’m not.

This week the Yankees were visiting Rogers Centre and a little scuffle broke out in the stands between some Yankees fans and Jays fans. Lucky for us it was all documented on twitter, because why wouldn’t it be?

It should also be noted that it’s not very difficult to get under the skin of a Yankees fan. But I guess Toronto fans are the same way? I wonder what started this fight. Oh wait, that was described to us on twitter as well. Thanks Izzy.

Although can we really trust a woman’s explanation of why a fight started? Who knows. But both fans were ejected from the game. Oh look we have that on twitter too. Jays fan was escorted out to a roar of “MVP” chants apparently though. If that isn’t “goals” I don’t know what is. Yankees got the last laugh that day, winning 3-2