Blue Jays Fans Petition MLB To Open the Roof at Rogers Centre for ALDS Game 5


All of Canada has come together on behalf of their beloved Blue Jays to make sure the MLB doesn’t try to rain on their ALDS parade tomorrow. Blue Jays fans petition MLB to open the roof at Rogers Centre for ALDS Game 5.

Much controversy has come up in the last week with crazy conspiracy theories about the MLB hindering the foreign market Toronto Blue Jays from winning this series. We wrote about it here. Jays fans weren’t happy about the botched replay call in the 14th inning of game 2 at home, where the umpires upheld the safe call on the field that was challenged by the Blue Jays. We’ve all seen the many screenshots that seem to clearly show Odor’s foot coming off the bag. As much as I hate replay changing calls like that, as long as that is reviewable I think they got that one wrong.

Toronto fans also weren’t happy about MLB making them close the roof for the first two home games of the series. Blue Jays mashing offense is a lot in part to the conditions at Rogers Centre with the roof open

So in true fan fashion, Toronto has put together the official petition to Rob Mandred and Major League Baseball to open the roof for ALDS Game 5.

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