Who’s to Blame for MLB Slow Pace of Play?

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We’ve seen an influx in rule changes and game adjustments in baseball lately, mostly surrounding the issue of slow pace of play in Major League Baseball.

The jury is still out among baseball fans when it comes to whether or not the length of baseball games, and the slow pace of play is a problem or not.Once again in 2016, the length of games has increased, and Rob Manfred is notorious for being the leader in seeing this as an issue.

Since it has become a focus, we’ve seen pitch clocks tested in Minor League Baseball, and we’ve seen clocks on mound visits instituted in the big leagues. But, Rob Manfred doesn’t seem satisfied yet. Why would he? Pace of play hasn’t seen the improvement he was hoping for. Recently the competition committee agreed to eliminate throwing 4 balls on an intentional walk, and raising the strike zone.

Seed Sack

So what’s really to blame for the long length of baseball games? We actually found the answer courtesy of data from¬†justtalkingtothecornfield.com.


Birth Place Pitches per Plate Appearance
Canada 4.13
Illinois 3.98
Korea 3.92
California 3.88
Other States 3.87
Hawaii 3.85
Florida 3.85
Japan 3.83
Dominican Republic 3.83
Georgia 3.82
Puerto Rico 3.81
Venezuela 3.74
Panama 3.72
New York 3.69
Cuba 3.66
Ohio 3.65
Aruba 3.57
Brazil 3.45
Curacao 3.44


So there you have it. All of Canada is to blame for the length of MLB games. I think we can all agree there isn’t a sole factor¬†responsible for the length of games more than pitches per plate appearance. Check out the 2015 leaderboards for pitches per plate appearance here.