Big Leaguers Train with Former Navy Seal


Ian Kinsler, Bryan Holaday, and Daniel Norris spent some time this offseason training in a bit different way. In this post and video from the guys at Warstic, these three big leaguers took to a gun range for some out of the box training with former Navy Seal Stephen Holley.

We’ve all been preached to about how much of a mental battle the game of baseball is. Even knowing this, too few players spend an adequate amount of time working on their mental game. Kinsler, Holaday, and Norris were thrown into one hell of a way to do just that, however. Hanging with a former Navy Seal sounds like a good way to improve all kinds of mental strength.

In this 11 minute video, these Warstic ball players go through some exercises and chatting with Stephen Holley. Take a look, you might even pick up a thing or two.