Ben Verlander Went Deep Against His No-Name Brother

Ben Verlander Justin Verlander


There’s no doubt Justin Verlander isn’t the dominant pitcher he used to be. However, he may have finally hit rock bottom. Earlier today Verlander was pitching in a minor league game, and gave up an opposite field home run to his younger brother, Ben. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know Verlander had a younger brother in the minors, let alone in the same organization. Ben Verlander has the greatest bragging rights of all time now. I remember giving up a home run to my younger brother in whiffle ball used to SUCK, and I wouldn’t hear the end of it until the next day. This is on an entirely different level, obviously, and not just because this is the big leagues. Justin is a 6-time all star, and won both the AL MVP and Cy Young Award in 2011. Ben Verlander is a 24 year old minor leaguer who has only hit 12 home runs in his professional career.

If I were Justin, I wouldn’t show up to a family event for the rest of my life. I don’t think I would be able to deal with the ball-busting that he will no doubt receive every single time he sees Ben, Verlander played it off in this interview,  but I know he wanted to die inside. I feel for you, Justin. Some of those wiffle ball home runs haven’t even landed yet either.