Ben Revere Had Some Words For ALCS Game 6 Umpires


If you ask anyone north of the border, they’ll probably try to convince you that MLB has some sort of agenda against the Canadian Toronto Blue Jays. A bit ridiculous with that, but I do believe the Jays have been on the short end of some questionable calls this postseason. Rarely will you hear players speak about umpires, they know that’s a no-no to Major League Baseball. But, I guess his season’s over anyway, right? So what the hell. Ben Revere had some words for ALCS game 6 umpires.

When asked about the final strike 3 call:

“Pshh, it was terrible. It changed the whole game. If he puts me in a 3-1 count, now he’s got to throw me a strike. Instead, it’s 2-2 and that puts me in the hole and I’m battling. It was a terrible call. I know these guys are battling, but in that situation, you can’t call that. It puts me in a bad situation.

It was good until me and Navi got up there, but that’s when he’s trying to expand the zone to them. The pitcher they have, the closer, he’s already tough enough as it is. That’s why I was so ticked off. I can’t say nothing to him, I can’t get ejected. I just had to go in the dugout and take it out on the trash can. It definitely was not a great call. I mean, I’ve seen pictures, pitching charts. It was absolutely terrible. It was, like, six inches off the plate. If I swing, I can’t hit it. That’s why I took it.

We had some calls go against our way. The Moustakas home run, when the fan reaches over. Usually that’s a dead ball but they gave it to ’em. That’s another thing that could change the outcome of the game. A couple of balks should have been called but they weren’t, and that’s part of life.”

Here’s the video of the strike three call on Ben Revere