Bat Flips Are Good For Baseball

Baseball is better now.

jose bautista bat flip

Bat flips shouldn’t be a big deal. Joey Bats had one hell of a bat flip because he mashed one of the biggest taters I have ever seen. In that moment, with the clutch-ness of that swing, Bautista can do whatever he wants. The emotions of that stadium got to him and he did what any other player would have done, he bat flipped.

If anyone missed it (which I doubt anyone did), here you go. I’ve watched it easily 35 times.

All you hardos need to calm down if you really think this is a bad thing. Moreover, Sam Dyson needs to calm down. ABC 6 quoted Dyson as saying, “He’s a huge role model for the younger generation that’s coming up and playing this game. He’s doing stuff that kids do in wiffle ball games and backyard baseball.”

Good one, Dyson. You need to worry more about the BOMB you gave up instead of the reaction to it. Dyson missed his spot by easily three feet and he has the audacity of saying that Bautista should respect the game more. Dyson needs to worry more about his pitching performance than the person that disrespected his family; if you’re worried about a bat flip after giving up a 500 foot bomb, your priorities are fucked.

Bat flips are good for baseball. Bat flips make the game more entertaining and more appealing to the younger generations. Honestly, some games are so boring I actually have to change the channel. Now that I know something entertaining like this can happen, I will tune in to every game that I can.

I hope this situation opens up the door for making bat flips acceptable. Everywhere else where baseball is played it is completely acceptable to bat flip. Why is it not acceptable here in the MLB?

Bat flips make baseball better. Period. Everyone loved Joey Bats’ flip and all of you hardos that disagree with me need to realize that this is a game. Yes, there are “unwritten rules” that say you shouldn’t bat flip, but get over it. This is a new generation of baseball players that don’t really care about whether or not someone is offended. Worry about yourself because like it or not, the bat flip is coming.

People loved it. It was entertaining, funny, and downright awesome to watch Bautista just whip his bat after one of the most clutch taters I have ever seen mashed.

This whole situation is going to make baseball better. Because of Bautista, baseball is getting more publicity and people that never talk about baseball are talking about the greatness that happened last night.

Oh, I almost forgot, while Bautista’s flip was amazing, here’s one better.