Baseball Season is Coming

Baseball Season

As I am writing this, I am sitting in my cold room, staring out the window where the ground is covered by a thick sheet of snow. This also reminds me daily that we are in the most miserable season of them all: winter.

Other than the Weather, the one thing that distinguishes this season from the others is the absence of something in particular. If you haven’t guessed it yet then let me tell you that it is baseball. This is the one season of the year that does not include America’s pastime. There’s no going out to the ballparks or cooking hot dogs while watching the game go into the ninth with your team up 1-0. There’s no dingers that are able to be hit and therefore there is little to no fun to be had.

If you are like me and are mentally, emotionally, and physically deprived of baseball, just know that in a little more than a month, the weather is going to be clearer and clearer every day, pitchers and catchers will be doing their thing to put on a show for this season, and you will be able to get back to hitting, and robbing bombs daily. You are just a short time from the best eight months of the year.

Do your part to get ready. Don’t come up to the plate in the first game with the game on the line and you feeling non confident about your ability. Get to the gym, get to the cages, eat right and you will do your best. Be a good and loyal fan and back up your team no matter what because if you are reading this, there’s a solid chance that your team will suck. Don’t hop on that bandwagon, stick to your own squad. Baseball is coming, now you must get through the longest month and meet it with open arms

Hit bombs,