This Photo Proves Baseball is in Good Hands with Bryce Harper


The prospect of Bryce Harper becoming a Yankee before the 2018 season depresses me in ways that I can’t even explain. I would be able to cope with him signing with the Dodgers, and would be thrilled if he came to Boston. Fact of the matter is, the Yankees want Bryce and Bryce wants to be a Yankee. I can’t even blame him. He wants to wear the same uniform as the Babe, Gehrig and Mantle. The Yankees are the greatest franchise in professional sports, and Harper has a shot to become the greatest athlete in professional sports. The short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium surely would sway Bryce towards the Bronx, even if he wouldn’t admit it. Can you imagine Bryce hitting at Yankee Stadium for half of the season? Holy shit. He would beat the home run record before the All Star Break.

That aside, this photo of Harper has to be one of the best photos I’ve seen so far this spring.

That’s the best player in the game running over to sign something for a sole kid behind a fence. Growing up, my favorite player was Manny Ramirez and I am 110% sure he wouldn’t have run over to sign something for me if I was standing behind that fence. The Alex Rodriguez of the late nineties and early 00’s would have ignored this kid so hard. Not Bryce, though. Harper-haters will say this is just a PR-move and he’s doing for the cameras. I’m willing to bet the lady who snapped this photo was the only person to see it happen, or at least the only one who got a photo. The shot warms my heart like only baseball can, and makes me so happy that Bryce is leading the charge in Major League Baseball. Contrary to the opinion of much of the old-school fans and players, the game is in great hands.