Baseball Helped Bryce Baker Overcome Injury, Depression, & Addiction


Bryce Baker reached out to me on twitter recently to share his story. It was so good, I thought it had to be shared. I asked his permission to share it with all of you. Here it is, enjoy.

For two years I suffered day and night. I was depressed, addicted to pain killers, and eventually attempted suicide. I had underwent three back surgeries over the course of a year and a half, spending most of my days crying out in pain and crawling toward a better life. Baseball was everything to me. Baseball was all I lived for until that point. After my third surgery, doctors told me I would never pick up a baseball again. Although, my life came crashing down on me, God and baseball became my pillars. I laid in bed each night throwing a ball in the air, telling myself that I would get back on the mound. I was admitted into a hospital program after all efforts to heal me failed. In that time, I suffered through hours and hours of therapy; but I kept my eyes on the game that gave me purpose to keep fighting. In just a short three month window, I ended my addiction to pain medication, began gaining strength, and embraced the demons of those two years of hell. I received a phone call from California that involved a team seeing my story. I flew out and the rest is history. I got signed by the Marysville Gold Sox for this coming spring and have become faster, stronger, and better than I have ever been.

I will never take the beautiful game of baseball for granted again. I challenge each of you who sees this to embrace every moment. Don’t ever take a day off and work your ass off to earn yourself another day. Stay late at the park after a game and look over that field. Just look at it. So many people wish they could play one more game and have things they would have done differently. Don’t be that guy. Look at that field and see your escape, your future, and more importantly, visualize the day you take that field as a player in the Major Leagues. If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, they aren’t big enough.
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God Bless,
Bryce Baker

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