Baseball Fam Spring ’17 Spotify Playlist


You asked, we delivered.

We’ve done three of these in the past, starting with Spring ’16, but this might be the most fire yet. Take a browse at this Spring’s Spotify playlist and you might just find your new walk up. You’ll definitely find some good weight room / BP tracks. Might not want to let coach hear this blaring over the ball park speakers on campus though, there’s your warning.

Not a whole lot of country here. I like country as much as the next guy but it’s not what I want to hear in the weight room or before a game. Throughout the Spring we’ll keep adding tracks to the playlist. Just follow it on Spotify and you’ll get all the new stuff. Don’t have Spotify? You’ll have to check the list and add em to your Apple music yourself, sorry!

Tweet & let us know what ya think. Some straight bangers on here.

Here’s the direct link to the playlist.