Bartolo Colon Hits First Career Home Run

Bartolo Colon Home Run


The Big Sexy we all know and love, Bartolo Colon just launched his first career home run. It only took him to the age of 42 for his first career blast; 19 years after making his Major Leauge debut with the Cleveland Indians in 1997.

Seed Sack

This is quite the mark in baseball history. I have a hard time believing there has ever been a player in Major League Baseball history who took longer to get their first career home run. I think he had already conceded years ago that he wasn’t going to mark a HR on his list of career achievements.

But on the other hand, if you take a look at the man hacks Bartolo Colon takes when he comes up to the plate, we maybe should’ve known there was a chance. I mean, if you swing out of your helmet every at bat, clearly there’s only one thing on your mind….and it’s not an infield single.

PS. Poor James Shields. That dude literally can give up a home run to anybody, he’s proven.