Bartolo Colon Taken To Court Over Child Support

Bartolo Colon court child support

Bartolo Colon has reportedly been taken to court over a child support dispute.

After all but disappearing into baseball obscurity, Bartolo Colon has resurrected his career and become one of the game’s most lovable characters. He’s been pretty solid on the mound as well, as the soon-to-be 43 year old has posted a 3.53 ERA with 3 wins and 2 losses so far in 2016. And of course, he hit that majestic home run earlier this month in San Diego. If you’re a Mets fan or not, everybody loves “Big Sexy”.

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Unfortunately, it has come out earlier today that Bartolo is being taken to court over a child support dispute. Apparently, Bartolo has not been paying child support for his son and daughter he had with Alexandra Santos. Bartolo is currently married to to Rosanna Colon, whom he has 4 kids with, all of which he has spoken highly of. There has been no mention of his children with Santos by Bartolo, and she is demanding child support.


This is definitely a bad look for Bartolo, and it’s pretty disappointing to see. As a child of divorce, I expect every father to pay child support when he is asked, as my father has dutifully done for years. The gripe I have however, is that now the media is going to try to railroad Bartolo’s entire existence. As far as we know, Bartolo has been a good father to his children with his current wife, and is an exceptional teammate, as we’ve all seen on an almost nightly basis. Even with this child support dispute, I have no doubt in my mind that Bartolo Colon is a good man. However, the media is going to try and tear him down, because that is what they do best. The story is already twisted, as I’ve seen numerous articles that say Bartolo is living a “double life”. His current wife acknowledges that she is aware of Alexandra Santos and the children Bartolo has with her, completely negating the “double life” narrative. The media is already trying to make Bartolo look worse than he already does in this situation, and I worry that some people will turn against Bartolo the baseball player because of a mistake he has made off the field.