Joc Pederson Says He Got Stiffed by Barry Bonds


Joc Pederson told FS1 the story of how he got rejected by Barry Bonds before a game.

It’s weird to think that some of our baseball idols have their own baseball idols. And sometimes their baseball idols are also our baseball idols? Joc Pederson sat down with FS1 and brought up the time last week that he got stiffed by one of his favorite players ever, Barry Bonds.

Bonds is in his first year as hitting coach of the Miami Marlins, who were playing the Dodgers out in Los Angeles last week. Joc Pederson told the guys at FS1 how excited he was to meet the bomb hitting legend, even discussing with his family how elated he was to have the opportunity to meet Barry Bonds. He said that Bonds was hands down his favorite player of all time, calling him the best hitter ever.

Seed Sack

Unfortunately that meeting didn’t go as planned. Joc allegedly went to converse with his favorite player, and when he asked for a picture, Bonds turned his back and just “big leagued” him.

Bonds was never really known as one of the nicest guys off the field, but I like to give athletes the benefit of the doubt when you hear stories like that from fans. These guys are bombarded with fans everywhere they go, and I imagine it could be frustrating at times. Athletes have bad days too… But Bonds clearly knows who Joc Pederson is and this one is hard to look past.