Pro Ball Player Reconnected with Boy Who Saved His Life


WLWT – 26 year old Isaac Wenrich plays for the Florence Freedom, and independent pro ball team in the Frontier League in the Midwest. The other day he got the surprise of a lifetime from a special visitor who came to the park to watch him play.

This offseason, Wenrich was giving lessons to a 13 year old ball player, Nate Bowyer, out in Arizona when Wenrich suddenly collapsed. Bowyer said he went down to grab his glove, looked up, and saw his coach on the ground struggling to breathe.

The 13 year old wasted no time, called 911, and started giving Wenrich chest compressions. Turns out he had what doctors called a “widowmaker” heart attack. Just a few months later, thanks to the efforts of Nate Bowyer, Isaac Wenrich is already back on the field with the Florence Freedom.

It was Wenrich’s host-parents that arranged to have the surprise meeting. Many of the guys that play in the independent professional baseball leagues around the country will shack up with a local family, due to the size (or lack of) their paychecks.

“They told me to turn around and I see him standing there and it’s, I haven’t seen him since that day or a couple of days after and man, I was overcome by emotion. I couldn’t really hold it in. I can’t thank him enough for being who he is,” Wenrich said.

Could you imagine seeing the kid that saved your life for the first time since you had a heart attack and almost died? Crazy cool moment here. Really cool of his host family to set this up. There’s a pretty cool dynamic between pro ball players and their host families, if you’ve never seen it. This is a great example.