Backward K Ep. 11 with Shane Sullivan


I guess I’ll start with an introduction. That seems reasonable.

My name is Ryan and I, along with my friend Danny, created a podcast called Backward K. We started with very little experience and not much of a clue what we were doing. We launched the podcast in January 2016, posted a handful of episodes, and took a bit of a break before returning a couple weeks ago.

Shane, the owner of this fantastic site, was gracious enough to allow me and Danny to join Baseball Fam and provide us with a bigger audience. We’re pumped for the opportunity and hope at least a few of you care what we have to say.

Check out our latest, Episode 11 with Shane here

We think we’re at least a little bit entertaining. That’s ultimately up to you to decide. If you so choose, subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a review telling us how cool and handsome we are. Also, check out our website that totally isn’t finished yet.

You’re also more than welcome to listen to our older shows. In the past, we’ve had guests such as Craig Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus, Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman of Cespedes Family Barbeque, Lana Berry, and Ryan “Ace of MLB Stats” Spaeder.

In this episode (our first here at Baseball Fam and our 11th overall), we cover a wide range of topics such as the All Star Futures Game, the resurgence of the Cleveland Indians, the curious case of the Baltimore Orioles, the idea of implementing the designated hitter in the National League, and a preview of the Home Run Derby and All Star Game. We also explain why it took us a solid half hour to convince ourselves that the White Sox triple play was, in fact, a triple play.

We also debut some new segments for the show – “@JoseCanseco Tweet of the Week,” which is sure to be a gem, “Stat of the Week,” where we pick a sabermetric stat and describe it as simply as we can, and “Danny Pronounces Names,” in which Danny struggles to pronounce some difficult baseball names. There will be more fun things to come… (spoiler alert: rap battle?)

Come for the Pokemon theme song, stay for the weird dudes talking baseball.