Aroldis Chapman Fired 8 Shots During Domestic Altercation with Girlfriend


Cincinnati Reds (or Los Angeles Dodgers?) closer Aroldis Chapman was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend in Miami. Police were called and Chapman’s girlfriend told them he choked her and pushed her up against a wall. Police reports were obtained by Yahoo Sports. The incident occurred on November 30th, but reports were just obtained today.

The report says no arrests were made, but at least 12 officers came to their home in Miami. How were no arrests made? I have no idea. The report said Aroldis Chapman’s girlfriend was angry over something she found on his phone, and following the altercation, she hid in the bushes until the police arrived. And yes, no arrests.

I can’t wait to hear more details of this incident and figure out how somebody can choke their girlfriend and fire 8 rounds, and not get arrested. Does Florida have different laws than the rest of the country, or…?

Police said no arrests were made because of conflicting stories from Chapman, his girlfriend, his driver, and his girlfriends brother. But he did admit to firing 8 shots, 7 of which went through the concrete in his garage, and one through the window. Police also said that no arrests were made because of lack of cooperation.

Keep in mind, this guy has a gun and a left hand that travels in excess of 100mph. I’m not sure which is more dangerous, but I am sure that this man belongs behind bars.

Sooooo about that trade to the Dodgers…

Pretty much everyone declined to comment, but MLB said they will investigate.

Chapman police report