Arizona Diamondbacks Threaten to Leave Phoenix

Diamondbacks Chase Field

AZ Central: The Diamondbacks have threatened to leave downtown Phoenix and Maricopa County over lack of upgrades to their stadium, Chase Field.

In a letter from the Diamondbacks organization to Maricopa County, the Dbacks cited that the county has failed to make $187 million worth of upgrades to Chase Field. They did mention they’d like to stay in downtown Phoenix, however the letter also stated that they’d request permission to explore other locations, or even go to the courts to be granted permission to leave. Their current contract has them at Chase Field through 2028, with no ability to look into other locations until 2024.

Maricopa County responded in a letter that mentioned taxes have already payed $238 million into the facility, and they do not grant the Diamondbacks permission to look into moving.

According to, the Diamondbacks aren’t the only team in the Phoenix area to make such complaints. The Coyotes of the NHL, and the Suns of the NBA also complain about the same problems with the county and lack of funding.

Diamondbacks chief executive, Derrick Hall issued this statement:

“The county is putting in jeopardy the investment that taxpayers have made, that the team has made, and the economic windfall the community has reaped as a result. Again, we only want to do what’s in the best interest of D-backs fans and the franchise…”

“This spiral is insurmountable and will result in a Chase Field that will no longer be a state-of-the-art facility as our agreement requires and may, in fact, become unsuitable for continued use. We cannot risk being put in that position…”