Are Baseball Games Too Long?


Has baseball gotten to that point in history when critics question the length of games? I
mean come on, all of us true baseball fans enjoy sitting down and getting away from everything else to watch the game we all love. But does the next generation of fans love to do the same? And what can the MLB even do to shorten games?

What people don’t understand about baseball, is that it isn’t football or basketball, which typically has something exciting happen every 2 minutes. Enjoying a good baseball game requires the viewer to appreciate the little things that baseball does provide. As an avid watcher, I enjoy seeing a big time pitcher drop a filthy curve and make a hitter look foolish, just as I enjoy watching Troy Tulowitzki making his typical outstanding play. Watching baseball requires you to know and understand the game itself, and if you don’t why are you even watching anyways? The MLB has plenty fans like us, which will provide them with the ratings that they need to maintain pace with other sports. If I had to guess what the “next-gen” viewers are going to do, I strongly believe that there will be plenty of kids that will come to appreciate the game itself. The graph under this paragraph outlines how MLB games have gotten increasingly longer since 2004.

Say the MLB decides to shorten these games so that they can make an extra buck of their ratings. What can they even do to make this happen? Can we see the MLB possibly starting all hitters with a set count? For example all hitters would go to the plate with a 1-1 count. This would make sense in many different ways. It would help saving pitchers’ arms, not having to throw as many pitches per game might be a good thing. It would also require hitters to go up to the plate swinging, therefore seeing the ball hit way more often. But, making this change, would really piss of all the hitters and we could possibly see more strikeouts. True baseball fans, keep doing what you are doing. Keep taking the time out of the day to watch America’s pastime, no matter how long the games get.

By all means, I am not saying that they should change anything. In my opinion, the MLB should not do anything to shorten the game, and just leave it where it’s at. What do you guys think? Should we shorten the game? If so, what can the MLB do to make it happen?