Andrew Benintendi Has Been Called Up To The Show

Andrew Benintendi

Back in May, I wrote about The Boston Red Sox and how excited they should be about star prospect Andrew Benintendi.

I talked about his very successful career at the college level, and his current position in the Red Sox farm system. At the time, Benintendi had just been promoted to AA Portland, and wasn’t exactly off to the hottest start. Because of this, I had predicted Benintendi to be called up to the bigs by the end of the 2016 season, after a successful run with AAA Pawtucket.

Turns out I was wrong, but kinda right.

Andrew Benintendi has been called up to the bigs, and is likely to make his major league debut Wednesday against Seattle. I was correct about Benintendi making his debut before the end of the 2016 season, but wrong about him playing in AAA first. Words can’t describe how excited I am to see the 2015 Golden Spikes winner take his first swings in a Boston uniform. I just hope the Sox didn’t rush his road to the show, and that Benintendi will adjust well to the bigs and showcase many of the talents that he possesses.

I knew I couldn’t be the only person around that couldn’t believe my eyes when Benintendi had been called up. Kid jumped from AA straight to the bigs. He’d played 63 games in Portland before getting the call. He had a .295 BA, 70 hits, 44 RBI’s, and 8 homers. In my eyes, this is good enough to get promoted to AAA. But skipping AAA and going straight to the bigs? Benintendi should be fine defensively in the outfield, but his offensive skills will need some more polishing, especially against big league pitching.

I’m definitely excited to see Andrew Benintendi make his major league debut tomorrow in Seattle. Although, nothing will beat Daniel Nava’s grand slam on the first pitch he saw in the big leagues. Nothing.