Alex Rodriguez Dating Founder of Google’s Ex Wife


Have we turned into TMZ? Does anyone care who A-Rod is dating? I guess we’ll find out. Alex Rodriguez is apparently dating Anne Wojcicki, the ex wife of one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin.

Let’s not forget the dating resume of A-Rod: Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Kate Hudson…

How does one go from that line up of women, to Anne Wojcicki? Alright no offense to Miss Wojcicki, but we can all agree that she might stick out from that list above? I guess Alex Rodriguez dating tastes have changed. It’s kind of a trend lately that brains and bank are trumping the blonde barbie doll. Not that his previous girlfriends weren’t smart, but his new piece is the CEO and co-founder of a genetic research company called 23andMe.

alex rodriguez dating anne wojcicki