ALDS Game 5 Rangers Blue Jays in the Craziest Game Of All Time

Here's a recap.


I’m 24 years old. That was the most insane game of baseball I have seen in my entire life. I struggle to even call that a baseball game because it almost didn’t feel like one. That was more like a circus on a diamond. Could you imagine trying to explain what happened in this game to somebody? You absolutely can’t. Well…that’s why we put together this recap of ALDS Game 5 Rangers Blue Jays in the craziest game of all time.

I’m not gonna give you a box score, you can find that elsewhere. Let’s establish a timeline of all the drama.

  • 2-2 game, Rougned Odor on 3rd, Choo at the plate with 2 outs. Russell Martin goes to throw the ball back to the mound, and his throw deflects off Choo’s bat, down the third base line and Odor scores. WTF. All hell breaks loose (for the first time). Home plate umpire calls time as Odor is running down the line and calls a dead ball. Umpires get together, call in to the replay center for a rule clarification, and reverse the call. Odor scores on the freakiest play you’ll ever see. Tie game


(cue the Toronto fans throwing beer cans and bottles on the field)

    • Cecil gets ejected from the dugout


  • Sign goes up on scoreboard asking fans to stop throwing shit



  • Game is officially under protest, meaning IF THE JAYS LOSE the MLB will have to review the call and could potentially overrule and replay the game.



  • Bottom half of the inning, back to back to back errors, all involving Rougned Odor, two charged to him, bases are loaded.



  • Revere hits a grounder to 1B, Pompey gets thrown out at the plate, and takes out the legs of Giminez. (uh oh here we go again) Play is reviewed and call stands, single out at the plate.



  • Donaldson’s RBI blooper fielders choice ties the game at 3



  • Joey Bats goes absolutely mammoth moon shot to left for a three run homer, with the ULTIMATE PIMP JOB






  • More garbabe on the field. Encarnacion attempts to calm down the fans and motions for them to stop throwing shit, and Dyson took exception (not sure why) Benches clear!
  • 53 minute inning comes to an end with Tulo making the last out, and for some reason Dyson felt the need to walk to the plate and say something to him. Benches clear again
  • 20 year old Roberto Osuna comes in to record the final 5 outs to end the game.


Toronto Blue Jays win the ALDS 3 games to 2