Addison Russell Almost Killed DBacks Mascot


Last night Addison Russell almost committed homicide on a furry mascot named Baxter. Late in the Cubs – Diamondbacks game last night, Russell let some wood fly into the stands over the 3rd base dugout.

The bat landed just left and above Baxter, the Diamondbacks mascot. Baxter let him know he wasn’t happy and looked to retaliate. Thank god he was able to contain himself. I guess it’s better to hit a furry mascot than one of those kids sitting near by.

I never understood how guys lose their bats so often. In all my days of hitting I don’t think I ever let a bat fly like that. Can’t you tell what kind of grip you have on the bat when you’re on deck swinging it? There are three rags of pine tar, tiger stick, stick em, etc. sitting right next to you. Use it or something.