Adam LaRoche Retiring Just Got Messier

Adam LaRoche retiring

All of this Adam LaRoche retiring drama nonsense is starting to make me think we’re talking about the NFL or NBA here. This petty family drama isn’t supposed to happen in Major League Baseball, right?

This week, LaRoche suddenly announced he was retiring from baseball, shocking just about everybody. Fox Sports came out with the news that he was retiring because the Chicago White Sox told him he can’t bring his son Drake in the clubhouse every day.

Today ESPN reported┬áthat White Sox players, including Chris Sale, were upset enough to threaten to “boycott.”┬áRumors spread that they’d consider now showing up to play their game on Friday.

Now I thought right from the beginning that this retirement wouldn’t last for Adam LaRoche. There’s no way you give up $13 million dollars over not being able to have your kid in the clubhouse EVERY DAY. I viewed it as more of a holding out situation, but I guess we’ll find out.

But it gets deeper.

ESPN also reported that the MLB Players Association would consider filing grievance against the White Sox on Adam LaRoche’s behalf. With all of this drama, I bet this gets settled one way or the other soon.

Look, baseball is a family game. Players have been bringing their kids around the clubhouse since the beginning of time. But this puts the White Sox in a really tough position, which many people have overlooked. In what other profession are you able to bring your kid to work every single day? The Chicago White Sox are as much a business as they are a professional baseball team. A ton of the players have families. Can you imagine if the entire team had their sons in the clubhouse every single day? Seems a bit excessive. A lot of the players are sticking up for LaRoche, I believe because it’s just the easy thing to do. The harder thing to do, that I think exists more than you hear about, is that some of the players would agree that they don’t need a 14 year old floating around the clubhouse every day.

If you ask me, there’s no problem with your kid coming around the clubhouse every now and then. Every day? No that’s a bit much. Show up to work, follow the rules of your employer, and do your job.