A Letter to Baseball After Walking Away


A Letter to Baseball,

It has been 3 seasons since I had walked away from you, against my will. After almost 20 years my fate was decided. From T-ball to little league to college, it was my time. I remember by first and last at bats of college like it was yesterday, both no official at bats. I remember what emotions it brought; my nerves all over the place. I may not remember all the games I played, but both of those at bats will never leave my mind. From my first AB starting with a HBP to my last ending in a walk, it will always be there.

I remember standing on deck at Taylor University knowing this is it, this is my last collegiate at bat. I crouched down Ichiro like and prayed like Billy Chapel saying “God, I’ve never brought you into this game, but please don’t let me strike out”. He heard my prayer and walked me on 4 straight.

This crazy game of baseball that we love has done so much for me, yet once I hung my cleats up, I wanted nothing to do with this amazing game. I walked away from baseball for 2 years, until a high school coaching position fell into my lap and those emotions of the game came pouring back. Giving back to this amazing game that gave me so much has been the ultimate reward. Being around young guys that have the passion that I also have is so special.

You will have a special place in my heart. I used to hate me labelled as only a baseball player until the day that I could no longer claim that title. I always said I would never lie about missing you, but that’s a lie in itself. Baseball, you will always be my first love and there for me. Just promise you won’t go on strike again.

Love, Jeff