8 Types of Fans at a Baseball Game

Target Field, Home of the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Going to any ballpark is an experience that can be different for everybody. While it is once in a year to some people and routine for others, you’re guaranteed an experience. Many games will be good, some are great, others can just be horrible. Your experience at a game can be remembered by events that are unscripted by people who are not on the field. The experience you have may not be remembered for the final score or of what happened in the game, but by the interactions you have with people with the same love of baseball you have.

Being a baseball fan for as long as I been alive I have managed to go to games where fans from those states traveled to watch their preferred team, and see the difference between fans in different states and or cities. One of my favorite things to do at ball games is not only to watch the professionals on the field, but watch the people that were attracted to the game like I was. The list you are about to read is pretty accurate to what kind of people go to baseball games.

1. Fans of the Other Team: 

Now this type of person is pretty obvious to spot at games, and they seem to be all over. This person will usually wearing jerseys, shirts, hats,jackets, etc. of the away teams color or logo. One time I was present for a Minnesota Twins/Cleveland Indians game once and this one man with his seemed to be girl friend/wife and his kid, and at the time he was wearing a Indians cap with a Francisco Lindor jersey. I got to notice that his kid had a Joe Mauer shirt, and an Indians cap, so I was suspicious. The thing that shocked me was in his bag that he obviously got at the clubhouse shop at Target Field. He had a Twins hat, and brought out this brand new Miguel Sano jersey that still had the price tag on it. When the Twins scored first he would take out his jersey and hat and wear them both. He would switch from back in forth between what would happen in the game.

2. The High School Baseball Player:

Spotting a high school baseball player at a ball game might be the most easiest thing to see at a game. While these players are varying from ages 15-18, their outfits they wear to games makes it obvious. This person will be wearing their teams dirty baseball hat with a athletic shirt of the team they are supporting, some kind of athletic shorts and shoes, and maybe some gimmick energy balancing necklace or wristband. Some of these people might bring their glove to the game if maybe they need to show off their fielding skills on foul balls.

3. The Old Guy Listening to the Radio:

This person is also another easy one to spot, because they are probably the only people in the ballpark with headphones on. You could see this person with some kind of headphones or earbuds sitting maybe in the home run deck with some hand held radio listening to the radio announcers for the respected home team.

4. The Business Man: 

This person looks like they just came from there “important job” with their hair slit back with hair gel that makes them have pieces of hair stick together in a row. This person may also be wearing a button up polo, khaki business pants, and some brown leather shoes, also with some small sunglasses. This person is usually with their kids, and seem to not have time with them, because they check their smartphones like 10 seconds after they checked it the last time.

5. Mr. Random:

This guy is the most interesting man in the ballpark. This person could be seen wearing a jersey or shirt not even associated to the teams playing in the game they are at. For example, once at a Twins/Mariners game I spotted this man with a Chicago Blackhawks jersey of Patrick Kane which had nothing to do with the game.

6. That One Girl That Knows Nothing About Baseball:

Now I am not saying that all girls know nothing about baseball, but I’m saying that you might spot this person while you are enjoying your hot dog, and you hear a voice a couple rows back saying “Why did he throw the ball to that guy?” This person is usually seen with her boyfriend/husband with a shirt of the team she is “supporting” or they are seen with a big group of girls that decided to have a girls night out at the ballpark. Do not get frustrated about this person they are just trying to understand the game.

7. The Ball Hawk: 

This person is the type to be seen at the edges of the field trying to get a ball from the players on the field. This person might run down 3 rows of seats just to try to get a foul ball/home run that seems to them that they could get. This person will also scream his or her lungs out yelling at player in outfield to throw the ball to them after the 3rd out in the inning or the first or third base coach that got the ball off of a foul ball.

8. The Row Runner:

Now this person might and will get on your nerves. This person usually walks back and forth from their seat and spend more time walking through the aisle than actually watching the game. While you are enjoying your peanuts and crackerjacks you constantly have to stand up for this person to walk through the aisle.