Baseball Fam On Blab


Yes, we’re adding a couple more places for you to consume Baseball Fam content. The latest addition is a place called Blab. You’ve seen us on Periscope for quite some time now, and personally, it’s one of my favorites to chat on. With up to 200 live viewers, and 2,000 total views each night on Periscope, it’s been fun.

Now we’re not going to stop broadcasting on Periscope, however I think I’ve found something that solves a lot of the problems you guys have been having with Periscope.

  1. The connection often struggles on Periscope
  2. You can’t close the Periscope app and continue listening to the stream
  3. You have to view the stream on mobile, no desktop option.
  4. I can’t bring on guests so you have to look at my face the entire time.

With Blab, now we can have up to 3 guests on camera broadcasting with me. I can play videos, show pictures, the whole shabang on a live stream. You can close the app and still hear the stream. You can watch on your desktop or tablet as well as the smart phone app. The best part, or at least my favorite, is we can export to YouTube. There is the one place you haven’t seen much Baseball Fam or ShtBallPlayrsDo over the years, and now that gets to change.

Blab’s search feature is currently down at the time of this post, but click here to check out our blab profile and follow.

Follow us and tune in to some streams in the near future, and let me know what you think.