2016 MLB AL & NL All Star Teams By WAR

2016 MLB All Star Teams by WAR

After the MLB released the first wave of votes for the All Star Game, it was clear the “passionate” fans of the Kansas City Royals still have a stronghold on their influence over the votes. Using FanGraphs, here is each teams lineup using WAR.

American League

C- Salvador Perez, Royals (1.5 WAR)

1B- Miguel Cabrera (1.5 WAR) Note; Travis Shaw is the highest rated 1B, but is not the everyday starter for the Red Sox

2B- Jose Altuve, Astros (3.0 WAR)

3B- Manny Machado, Orioles (3.3 WAR)

SS- Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox (2.9 WAR) Note; Machado also leads this position but has been a third baseman longer

LF- Ian Desmond, Rangers (2.1 WAR)

CF- Mike Trout, Angels (3.5 WAR)

RF- Mookie Betts, Red Sox (2.5 WAR)

SP- Jose Quintana, White Sox (2.7 WAR)

National League

C- Jonathon Lucroy, Brewers (2.1 WAR)

1B- Paul Goldschmidt, DiamondBacks (1.6 WAR)

2B- Ben Zobrist, Cubs (2.8 WAR)

3B- Kris Bryant, Cubs (2.5 WAR)

SS- Corey Seager, Dodgers (1.9 WAR)

LF- Starling Marte, Pirates (2.0 WAR)

CF- Dexter Fowler, Cubs (3.2 WAR)

RF- Gregory Polanco, Pirates (2.4 WAR)

SP- Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers (4.1 WAR)