12 Signs You are in a Baseball Obsessed Relationship

Baseball obsessed relationship

Some of us are lucky to find the one. Others are lucky to find the one who is just as crazy about baseball as they are. If you are dating someone just as baseball obsessed as you are, I am sure you can relate. Here are 12 signs you’re in a baseball obsessed relationship, with some editor commentary.

  1. Having a mutual understanding that if the other person liked your rival team it just wouldn’t work.

Could you imagine having to grind through summer nights on opposite sides of the couch, bantering back and forth? You spend enough time trying to appease the feelings of your significant other, let’s not add rival teams to the mix.

2. There have been many silent car rides home after watching your team lose.

It’s got to be tough having a summer relationship whose health is determined by a team that hits less home runs than the Little League World Series, and loses 7 out of every 10 games. Poor Atlanta Braves couples.

3. Dates strictly revolve around game schedules. “Babe if we go to dinner at five we should be back in time for the first pitch.”

Nothing cute or romantic will happen between 7 and 10 pm on a weeknight your team is scheduled to play. 

4. People at restaurants think you’re cute when you sit on the same side of the booth. Truth is that you both just wanted a good view of the game on TV at dinner.

Well, duh. The only acceptable excuse to sit on the same side of the booth at dinner.

5. Friendly bets have been made, and some not so friendly ones.

The amount of mental fortitude it takes to pony up to wagers lost to your own boyfriend or girlfriend…

6. “Babe do you think Kris Bryant is more attractive than I am?”

Don’t ask questions you don’t want to hear the answers to.

7. You both plan on naming your future child together after your favorite ball player, but also avoiding a million names because it reminds you of a rival.

If you had real balls you’ll skip “Noah” and just name your child “Syndergaard”.

8. Classy meals together include ballpark hot dogs and beers (maybe in a souvenir cup for special occasions).

And the occasional half price apps at Applebee’s on earlier game days you’re not attending.

9. There’s no fighting over the radio station when a game is on during a car ride.

Also saves us both from the trauma of hearing the other’s radio karaoke voice.

10. That cute moment when you pick peanut shells out of bae’s hair.

I have no words for this one… oh my.

11. Splitting bags of seeds and Big League Chew.

As long as one of you doesn’t chew bags of salted dill pickle or “sweet and spicy”.

12. At the end of the day, even though your team may stink, you both love each other.


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