10 Struggles of Being a Female Baseball Fan

Female Baseball Fan

It’s a tough life as a female baseball fan in this world. I don’t mean as a girl who goes to her boyfriends game, but as a girl who would voluntarily spend her time on the couch with an MLB.tv subscription.

1) Being accused of Googling things 24/7.

2) Having to explain why you like a particular player because everyone assumes it’s for his looks.

3) Seeing a girl decked out in blingy gear and wanting to gauge your eyes out. Bless her soul.

4) Seeing a girl behind home plate texting the whole time. GIVE ME YOUR SEAT!

5) Constantly being “tested” with random trivia questions. Like I’m sorry I don’t know the first baseman’s blood type but does that make me a fake fan? Do you even know the answer to that?

6) Being catcalled at a baseball game (no seriously I’m not flattered and I will not sleep with/marry you).

7) Being afraid of correcting a guy’s mistake when he talks about baseball because you know you’ll get judged hard core.

8) No I am not a tomboy.

9) Getting a job in sports is 1,000 times more difficult.

10) Meeting a guy at a bar you like and then realizing he roots for your rival team.

From the perspective of a real female baseball fan.